True love has no end or beginning True love just is true love is not earned it is bestowed true love dose not cost anything so you can not buy it



Stressful situations that you have can be used in defence and offensive line with proper care and meditation on focus stress can be a great debate tool


if one you bring has problems just STOP look on yourself so you can see your day and everyone you have any connect with then say your problems just got home to visit mine and are working together to solve each other because they are friends that wants to be truth at every inch of the way


I just to the salvation army here in jonesboro to have a meal and very much appalled at what i seen and heard i simply stand up to get some water to have with my meal and this individual by the name of Curtis start getting very belligerent yelling at me at the top of his lungs to sit the fuck down then when i calmly as him to be more polite about it he calls the police to try to get me arrested which did not work being as i have served with half the JPD force. then he went back in the building and i leaned up against the light pole on the public sidewalk and smoked a cigarette or three while waiting for my brother paul to come back out mr. Curtis walked out and saw me there he called the cops again for what i do not know the sidewalk is public property the police even told bim that he could say nothing bout me being on the sidewalk mr. Curtis claims to be staff of salvation army here in jonesboro well that being said salvation army is a christ centered organization as should be their staff the bible clearly states that you should love your neighbor as you do yourself bless upon them the treatment that you like blessed upon yourself so i ask why don’t they do that well i speculate it is because they do not belive the bible to be truth being teachers of the bible and doers of it which make them like the Pharisees hypothetical



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peace if for all who live conflict is very in everything we do so having peace without conflict is not something that comes easy if at all monks have been trying for centuries  to figure a way to do that to no avail even in training of the mind or in the martial arts for if there was no conflict there would be no need for the defensive arts  this is to include verbal in the business and political world lets look at the men and women that serve the USA over seas and local and very loyal in all aspects while they are in service they are well taken care of but when they are no longer of any use to the USA the are discarded by the USA and treated as outcast why is that we service men and and women fight for everyone’s freedom but what about our freedom where is our reward we deserve muck better then what we are currently getting that is one of the biggest conflicts the USA faces is the threat form their own people that they discarded because they have no further need for them R.I.O.S  We are exploresImage result for american veterans discarded and forgottenImage result for american veterans discarded and forgotten